6 Boys & 5 Girls = "11"

Puppies were born May 13, 2009

The pups were introduced to life using the super
puppy program by Carmen Battaglia, and
they are being raised in our home, with our family.

All puppies are in their new homes

One Week Pictures

Two Week Pictures

Three Week Pictures

First - Big dog meal & Play time outside

Visitors & Playtime

Six 1/2 Weeks - The Boys

Five Weeks - The Boys

Six 1/2 Weeks - The Girls

Five Weeks - The Girls

Dark Blue boy & Pink Girl
Don and Terrie Hewitt

Red Girl

Terri Harville

Yellow Girl
Bijou Luisant Jolie Amie "Jolie"

( Pink/Yellow)
Kathy Verzulli

Light Blue Girl
Bijou Luisant Juno Moneta "Juno"

( Pink/Lightblue)
Sharon Webb & Chris Mednick

Gold Boy
Bijou Luisant Je Ne Sais Qais
Pat Sells &
Chris Mednick

A few Family shots

Puppies first outing at the agility class where I train -"Trained Dog Happy Dog"

with their new friend Friend Nacho

Saber the morning of the 13th.
Where were they hiding?


One Day old and all settled in - I think I'll get some sleep while I can!!

OK, I've done this for two days now it's your turn!!

YES, that's it, you got it, I kind of like this joint feeding venture!!

(Pups at 5 days)


Ch Mont-Cenis Renaissance

CHIC# 45653
OFA Hips BT-4959G41F-PI
OFA Elbows BT-EL2231F41-PI
OFA Thyroid BT-TH381/41F-PI
CERF BT-3459
Bite: Scissors
Dentition: Full
Color: Mahogany & Black
Born: August 3, 2004

Ch Nicha's Soupcon De Paris PT RN CGC

CHIC: 18303
OFA Hips: BT4094E30M-PI
OFA Elbows: BT-EL1443M30-PI
OFA Thyroid: BT-TH181/45M-PI
CERF: BT-3061/90-09
Epilepsy: Free at 7+ yrs.
Bite: Scissors
Dentition: Full
Color: Mahogany & Black
Born: July 11, 2001

Puppy Pedigree

Ch Nicha's Soupcon De Paris PT RN CGC Can. Ch. BISS BPIS ATChC Nicha Question de Charisme Can. CD AGX AD HIC HITs Maigret De La Tangi Morgane R.E. Fr., Lux. & Mon. Ch., GRCCH, CH Gourou Du Crepuscule Des Loups TAN
s.r. Joriss de Condivicnum
Can. Ch. OTCh. Nicha Symphonie En Mi Bemol CD, VADC CGC CH Johan Van De Hoge Laer C/O-BAR HIC
Can. Ch. OTCh. Valter Go Chad
Can. Ch. ATChC Nicha Nova une Étoile est Née Can. CDX AGX AD HITs Neth. & Int. Ch., pE pW Golan van de Wielander IPO III GG3 s.r. Lux. Ch., pE Chaka van de Lamar TAN
Chanou van de Wielander
Can. Ch. Nicha Mistral des Origines Can. CD s.r. Glam du Sart des Bois
Can. Ch. OTCh. Nicha Symphonie En Mi Bemol CD, VADC CGC
Ch Mont-Cenis Renaissance
Ch. Chateau Blanc's Evening Star Ch. Chateau Blanc's Blue Bayou BISS/BIS Ch Yuma de Chateau Blanc
Ch. Zoe de Chateau Blanc CDX OA
Ch. Chateau Blanc's Arc Angel Am Can Ch Perfect of the Two C-BAR
Ch. Whipporwill de Chateau Blanc BAR
Ch Mont-Cenis Farandole Ch Acajou Et Chimay Gigolo
Ch Epris' Elancer CGC
Can. Ch. Gallery's Acajou At Chimay Can. CD
Bijou Luisants Belle Epoque Can. Ch. BIS Ch Bijou Luisants Astrakan HIC
Ch Bijou Unique Leclair Pinkclf